EPS Ecology team trials new Wildlife Cameras

28 May 2018

Recently, the EPS ecology team has purchased two new wildlife cameras for use in field-based fauna studies. Typically, these cameras are strapped near the base of tree trunks where they are left for several days and nights. The camera is triggered when movement is detected within the field of view. The major benefit of this method is it is a non-invasive way to survey animals over a long period with minimal effort.

EPS has conducted some preliminary trials using the remote cameras in Port Stephens, snapping some interesting night-time shots of Brushtail Possums and other small mammals. It even captured a short video of a hail storm, with the camera triggered by the movement of hailstones within the field of view!

A key component of using these remote cameras is their success in determining the presence of more cryptic, threatened fauna species such as the Spotted-tailed Quoll.

EPS look forward to incorporating this technology into our upcoming fauna surveys for our clients.