EPS are ecological specialists

Our qualified ecologists solve environmental issues at regional, state and national levels.

Our environmental assessments take into account a wide range of project factors, including urban, ecological and bushfire planning. This achieves a positive balance between economic and environmental outcomes, as well as compliance with regulations and guidelines.

  • Ecological assessments
  • Environmental management plans
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Bushfire threat assessments
  • Biodiversity offsetting

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Integrated expertise

Our unique approach fuses environmental assessments with a range of other disciplines to create robust and well informed solutions. This integration streamlines project approvals, improves cost efficiency and reduces risk.

Each project is carefully considered in context, drawing on expertise in related fields and insights from relevant reporting. This enables us to identify potential challenges (such as legislative changes, financial feasibility or environmental constraints) early in the process and develop mitigation options.

Quality outcomes

We deliver services in accordance with industry best practices across terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. All outputs are subject to our internal quality assurance system.