Metropolitan Planning Insights for Greater Newcastle Event

25 July 2017

EPS team members Leonie Bryson, Ben Ellis and Kate Tierney recently attended an event held by the Department of Planning and Environment at the University of Newcastle’s newest building NeW Space in Newcastle CBD. Professor Greg Clark presented his excellent Metropolitan Strategic Planning – Case Studies Report for Greater Newcastle, NSW.

The report considers international case studies of metropolitan strategic planning from a range of metro areas that have some similar features to Greater Newcastle in terms of size and orientation. The importance of ‘catalyst’ developments such as relocating Universities to city CBDs and building light rails were noted as vital in driving growth, innovation and urban renewal.

The report considers a number of insights from other cities around the globe as to how to facilitate growth in Newcastle across a multitude of factors including populations, demographics, economic diversification and specification, and preservation of the natural environment. The full report is available online at:

For more information on how Metro/Regional Planning will shape planning and development in Greater Newcastle, please contact the EPS Planning and Law team.